The Duluth Haunted Ship

Happy Spooky Month! It's our favorite time of the year and it was made even better this year with the return of the Duluth Haunted Ship! For three lon...View Details

Gem House is one of the newest vacation rentals offered by Cascade Vacation Rentals. This beautiful home boasts a gorgeous amethyst fireplace that ent...View Details

Geocaching is like going on a giant worldwide scavenger hunt. With the help of the official Geocaching app, you can explore the world around you, and ...View Details

Burlington Station- Burlington Boutique and Callie's Sweets is a new business located on the east end of Two Harbors. Located in a former grocery stor...View Details

The Bad Seed Food Truck

Christina Hartley-Conroy, the mastermind behind The Bad Seed Food Truck, was able to secure the financing needed to purchase the food truck just a cou...View Details

Two episodes ago we brought you part one of the Canal Park series. Well, this is part 2 - a day in Canal Park! In this episode, Martha and Jaye take a...View Details

Recently, we had a TikTok get... well, a lot more views than we're used to getting. The video, which showed a mysterious white creature in the woods, ...View Details

We didn't mean for this episode to be broken into two like this, but we just got so into the history of the Aerial Lift Bridge and the William A Irvin...View Details

Waterfall Season is underway along the North Shore and Jaye and Martha weren't going to miss it this year! In this episode, we visit Cascade River Sta...View Details

On this episode of Exploring the North Shore Jaye hopes on the phone with the podcast's original co-host, Joe Friedrichs, to chat about his new book "...View Details

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